Tax Sales – Essential for Every Community

Tax Sales are GOOD for the Community

Tax Sales are GOOD for the Community

Tax sales allow us to make our living – but they are also essential for every community’s health.

Each year, a certain number of properties “fall through the cracks” – the owner becomes unable or unwilling to do what’s necessary to keep their property maintained – financially for sure, and physically as well in most cases.

Perhaps the owner dies. Perhaps he or she moves out of the area and gets busy with a new life. Maybe an heir receives the property and that person just isn’t meant to own property.

Sometimes banks even start foreclosure proceedings against a property and never get around to finishing the foreclosure. Without a mechanism to clear out the dead wood in a community, we would find a growing number of “orphan” properties that would just sit and rot.

Tax Sales: Necessary Evil?

Many people think of tax sales as an evil – after all, poor innocent homeowners have their hard-earned homes “taken away”. Rarely is that the case.

Rather, tax sales are often the rain that washes clean the community each year.

The properties sold at the sale are usually purchased by investors who, in exchange for receiving a good price for the property, proceed to fix up the property and return it to life.

These properties then return to the tax roll, and reduce the amount of property tax burden that everyone else has to pay.

In fact, there can be disasterous results when a community holds off its tax sale for even one year – especially a community that’s already teetering on disaster.

This really makes our mission of contacting tax-delinquent owners not only a profitable, but NOBLE cause. The sooner we get these properties into the hands of a profit-minded individual (another investor usually) or a caring homeowner, the faster the community improves and recovers from the lost tax revenue that this delinquent owner causes.

When Tax Sales are Delayed

It would seem to be no big deal when tax sales are delayed for an extra year or two to “give homeowners more time”. But in reality, this is very harmful to the community, especially a low-income community. This extra time actually causes the tax burden on many properties to exceed their market value, especially if the properties are in run-down shape.

This means the properties will not be purchased at the next tax sale, and may remain off the tax rolls for years, or even forever! Properties laying around vacant are no good for the community or the county coffers.

By pursuing tax-delinquent and tax sale property before tax sales occur, you are helping to maintain your community that much faster.

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