Tax Deed Sale – It Can Happen to the Best of Us

Tax Deed Sale for Paul’s Property?

Bad things happen even to good people, including an unwelcome tax deed sale.

Take Paul Sosnowski of Bethel Island, California.

First, in 2008, a storm did almost $2 million worth of damage to improvements on Mr. Sosnowski’s property. Then, the real estate market crashed, leaving him with 62 lots, each complete with its own boat slip, and no buyers.

According to a Contra Cost Times article (, “Sosnowski found himself the No. 4 biggest defaulter in Contra Costa County on its Sept. 1 published list this year. According to the tax collector list, he owed $238,680 in property taxes on 15 defaulted properties.”
Unexpected tax deed sale owner

So here’s an apparently honest businessman who finds himself the 4th biggest tax defaulter in a California county. And owning many properties on the way to tax deed sale.

If this situation could happen to him, is it that hard to believe it can happen to a “regular Joe” property owner?

The answer isn’t to buy these defaulted properties at the tax deed sale. See why this doesn’t work in my article Tax Deed Sales – A Way to Get Cheap Property? Not Usually..

The best way? Approach the owner to buy the property. You’ll often find the owner has given up or just wants to get SOMETHING out of their property.

You can offer to cure the tax deed sale by paying off a relatively low amount of taxes. Or if you don’t have cash, you can keep the property out of the tax deed sale by flipping it to a buyer who DOES have cash.

If you read the article, you see that Paul has worked out a pay plan with the county, so he’s safe for now if he can keep the back payments coming in. A rare tax deed sale “happy ending” indeed.

A lot of others on the tax deed sale list WILL NOT have his resources (or resourcefulness) and will need your help to salvage something from their property. Discover alternative (and better) ways to profit from a tax deed sale below – with my Insider’s Guide.

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