Property Tax Sale Brings $4 Million

As previously reported, Indiana’s property tax sale offerings are bursting at the seams. The recent trending (revaluing of properties) has caused the cancellation of several years’ worth of sales.

One county (Clark County, IN) has not had a tax sale since 2007, and predictably enough, the property tax sale held yesterday brought in almost $4 million. According to, the 79 bidders at the sale had 408 parcels to choose from, and purchased liens against 226 of them.Tax sale: Large Tracts, Shopping Centers, Even Condo Complexes

One is left to wonder, how many properties went unsold at the property tax sale because of several years’ unpaid taxes?

Offerings at the Property Tax Sale

Do commercial properties, apartment buildings, and even large tracts of land get offered at a property tax sale? Sure they do!

The source article at gives a good description of how the Indiana property tax sale works.

But let’s read between the lines and truly get an idea of what these stats can mean for us as tax sale insiders.

Indiana Property Tax Sale Facts

Here are a couple quick stats:

$3.96 million worth of liens were sold at the property tax sale, spread over 226 liens sold. That’s $17,500 per lien on average! There must have been some large overbids at this sale.

So there are also 226 properties in this county alone, to begin contacting owners about (think there are a couple we could snag right away? I think so!)

79 bidders registered at the sale – if you’re doing business in this area, get a public records request into Clark County as soon as possible. The list of the bidders at that sale – 79 cash buyers – have already shown they have cash available. And who wouldn’t love to get properties NOW instead of waiting for the property tax sale to take its course!

Can anybody tell me why they WOULDN’T hop on this county right away to do business? Respond below and let me know! This is but one property tax sale of dozens this year with unreal opportunity!

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