Government Tax Sales – Profit Without Cash

Government Tax Sales – The Hidden Bargains

There are actually several different ways to profit from government tax sales. You can avoid attending auctions, bidding against others for properties, or waiting for tax liens to mature completely. More in a second.

In order to obtain properties directly from government tax sales, you will need to do a significant amount of research on the properties being offered. Then you’ll attend a sale where you will need to pay all cash for properties that you generally cannot inspect.

In addition, you may have to bid much more than the minimum advertised price to actually get the property. For tax liens, you’ll wait many months or years to have a chance to acquire the property.

Let’s look at some ways you can profit now, without attending government tax sales, investing cash, or waiting.Government Tax Sales and Immediate Profits

The first opportunity is to get out in front of actual government tax sales by requesting a listing of all tax-delinquent properties in the county you want to work.

These tax-delinquent listings can be anywhere from 1 day delinquent to several years delinquent. Either way, the properties have not been offered at a tax sale yet.

Start with the properties that have been delinquent the longest, and also those with owners who live out of the area. These properties are prime candidates for a bargain purchase.

Many times, and out-of-area owner who is delinquent may not even know about the delinquency because they have basically forgotten about the property. The property may be run-down or may be occupied by family members who are not paying the owner.

You can get properties like this under contract and resold to an investor before the government tax sale occurs. And walk away with a nice profit with no risk.

Or you can sometimes buy these properties outright for a very small token payment to the owner. Then quickly resell before a sale on the property occurs.

This way you’re using some of the purchaser’s money to redeem the taxes, and then the rest is yours.

Getting Started with Government Tax Sales

Watch for government tax sales to be announced, and acquire the list of properties about to be auctioned. These owners will lose the property in a matter of months or even weeks.

A sense of urgency is now created to do something with the property. One technique is to “partner up” with these owners.

This can mean either redeeming the property and reselling it some time later, or reselling it immediately to an investor. You can even arrange to split the proceeds with the owner instead of paying them anything upfront.

This way the owner gets something for the property and you profit with minimal investment.

You can even profit from government tax sales in many areas even after the sale takes place and the property is lost to an investor.

This is because many areas have a bidding method for properties, where the county can take in more money on the sale of the property than what was owed. For example, a county may auction a property for the amount owed, $5,000, and receive $25,000 for the property at the sale.

The extra $20,000 that is collected above and beyond what’s owed is usually due to the former property owner. You can look up the results of past government tax sales and see which properties generated surplus funds like these.

Then, you can negotiate with the owner to receive a finder’s fee for money the owner didn’t even realize was theirs! For full details, see our course, “Hooked on Overages”, available here.

These are just a few of the “side opportunities” that government tax sales can offer, without risking money at the actual sale, bidding, or waiting.

In fact, as I showed you in the finder’s fee example, we can even use the competitive bidding aspect of some government tax sales to our advantage by helping owners recover funds due to them.

Discover these, and other insider techniques you can use at government tax sales, in my “Underground Tax Sale Secrets”, available below.

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