DeedGrabber Marathon Topics – So Far

This has been really fun already.

I’ve gotten more than 50 suggestions for material/concepts to cover on the Marathon – even what prizes would be the most useful!

Several suggestions were made by multiple people – so in those cases, first submitter takes the prize!  So if you have something in mind, don’t be shy!



-A discussion on the new Foreclosure moratorium (this could be a great panel discussion!)

-How to find investors and cash buyers (MANY requests)

-The best way to get started if you’re totally BROKE

-Approaching objections from owners/claimants, scripts

-Competition (Will it eat me up?!?!?)

-Closing a transaction (attorney? title co? notary?)

-Doing live negotiations on the phone with sellers (we’ll try to figure this one out)

-Downsides about tax sales (there are plenty, that’s why we don’t attend them)

-Determining value of properties

-Deal examples from start to finish

-Which neighborhoods to target

-Differences working tax lien states vs. tax deed states

-How to work in remote states (with J.O.B. and time zone interference too!)

-Getting funding (and how NOT TO NEED funding many times?)

-Purchasing leftover deeds/liens that don’t sell at the initial sale

-Automation/staffing/streamlining of your business

-Generating passive income

-Skip tracing (maybe we’ll do some of your leads live?)

-Prize ideas (click2mail credit, skiptrace credits, etc)


The BIG QUESTION:  What have you been looking for regarding Tax Sales, or Real Estate in general, that you haven’t been able to find?!?!?

That’s what I’ll try to cover for you in the Marathon!!


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