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The Tax Sale MythBuster, Rick Dawson

Rick Dawson of TaxSale.net

After starting out the HARD way rehabbing houses in 2000, I discovered tax sales (I found I was buying most of my fixers from tax sale buyers!).

Buying at the tax sale SOUNDS good but you’ll be faced with long waiting periods (tax liens) or competitive bidding (tax deeds) which really eliminate most of the attractiveness of a tax sale.

By the time you wait out a tax lien investment, several years can go by and the underlying property may have gone downhill significantly, the market may have changed (witness 2007-2009!), and you’ll most likely be paid off anyway.

Show up at a tax deed sale and be sure to bring your wallet! Prices are usually bid to market value.

After participating in several tax sales unsuccessfully (my state of Indiana has competitive bidding AND waiting!!!), I soon developed several different ways to profit from the tax sale without actually bidding there!

Here are some of the things I discovered over the years:

– I could get properties under contract when they became tax-delinquent, and flip to cash buyers

-Closer to the tax sale deadline, I could buy unwanted properties for as little as $50

-I could get a property and let it go to the tax sale (not pay the taxes). If the property was bid up, I’d be able to claim the overage amount as the owner

-I could help other tax sale victims recover THEIR unclaimed funds

-And more!

I’ll let you know all about these methods by email and in our periodic training sessions!  Get on our email list now!

-Rick Dawson

PS: My faithful assistant Michelle, who negotiated several dozen successful deals for me, is available by phone during business hours at 800-528-9149!

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